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Popular Courses has in its arsenal the unique collection of Video courses that was built for you to learn all aspects of Russian language. Our Video courses are available for you 24/7 from any device of your comfort, whether it’s PC, mobile or tablet. Interested in fluent Russian speaking skills? Try our courses NOW!

Who we are?

We are 24/7 ultimate Russian online web resource brought to you by the devoted Team of teachers and tutors. We are Russian native speakers with combined experience of more than 25 years teaching Russian language training. Tailored for you, the members of the English-speaking business community.

What we do?

The Team of RussianLessonOnline created this website to bring valuable and the newest practical teaching techniques in Russian language education. Every day, we do our best in creating the media content that is tested in training from the newest beginners to advanced Russian language aficionado.

What are our objectives?

The main goal we are aiming to achieve is to be a leader of Russian Language education market. We are not just posting materials to rank in #1 in Google search but we create the best content that is worthy of your attention. Our objective today is to make you fluent in Russian! No excuses accepted

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Here are 3 main reasons why Students of Russian Language prefer us over others.

Qualified Russian teachers

Our Team was formed exclusively of Native Russian Teachers with overall 25+ experience.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Our website and its resources are available for you at 24/7 with no exceptions. You can learn Russian conveniently based on your schedule!

Cultural adaptations to everyday life

With our content you’ll easily adapt to living in Russia with the feeling you have been born in Russia. We’ll make you feel like you are Russian now.


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“I came across your website a couple of weeks ago but in such a short period of time I have already improved my Russian listening and speaking skills. Your Russian Basic course is super helpful. Great job so far! ”
Paul – Canada
“Even though I'm not that far into the course, I’m already confident with the basics and I’m really enjoying the course. The basic russian video course and its explanation style is very clear and easy to learn and apply immediately. I highly recommend these courses. Спасибо!”
Nik - Great Britain
“The coolest feature of this website I explored for myself is the comprehensible content and everything can be found in one place. For me personally, it’s frustrating and time consuming to search for specific topics on other resources. Now, I am done with Russian Basic video course and subscribing to the Intermediate level course.”
Adelbert – USA
“I cannot put a 5 star review only because your website doesn’t have the feature to download materials to PC so I could have the offline copy. Your online support explained to me that you refresh pages from time to time and that’s the way to keep everything up-to-date. I understand, but if you come up with a solution to the offline version, it would be great. Anyway, I like using your website.”
Qassim – Turkey
“Russian is considered to be one of the world's most difficult languages. This Basic Russian course is aimed at helping those who are interested in understanding the basics of Russian language. Every unit of the course consists of several parts explaining vocabulary, pronunciation tips, grammar, and provides examples in Russian.”
Henry – Germany
“Guys, this website is cool. 😉 Everything is right and smooth order that makes my learning process much more efficient. When I started learning Russian I was looking for some guidance so I know what should go first and what’s next. I believe the correct order of the materials is a key element of successful learning any language. ”
Sam – Dubai

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