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Anyone can learn Russian with our online method.

What We're All About

To provide students of Russian with the modern Russian language studying methods is our principal position. We are strong believers that the usual repetitive syllabus teaching style of Russian language is outdated and has nothing to do with the new spoken Russian that you can experience in everyday life.  The world is changing and the language is always evolving daily. To succeed in Russian fluency, you definitely need to have professional guidance during your learning journey and have a track of record of what you have already accomplished and what is ahead.

Learn Something Every Day

Unlike traditional way of teaching, we use new methods and media that are tested in training from the newest beginners to advanced Russian language students. Try one of our lessons and see for yourself!

Dimytrii Tupikin
Our Vision

Who We Are

"A different language is a different vision of life."

We are dedicated and practical native Russian language speakers who have experience in training many eager students the Russian language via online instructional media and interactions.
Qualified Russian teachers

Our Team was formed exclusively of Native Russian Teachers with overall 25+ experience.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Our website and its resources are available for you at 24/7 with no exceptions. You can learn Russian conveniently based on your schedule!

Cultural adaptations to everyday life

With our content you’ll easily adapt to living in Russia with the feeling you have been born in Russia. We’ll make you feel like you are Russian now.


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Co-Founder and Senior Marketing Advisor

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Professional Tutor