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You have just stumbled upon the one of the finest, in-depth beginner to advanced Russian Language course online. These comprehensive lectures cover almost everything you will ever need.

This “Russian Intermediate Course” was built in a way that the student can learn Russian language in three months? It’s a fun and easy method to study Russian language. This course requires you to have some Russian reading skills! Check out our FREE video course “24 min of Russian Reading course”. 

The current course’s level is meant to be intermediate and for purpose of better comprehension it’s better if you already studied our “Russian Basic course”. “Russian Basic Course” provides you with the knowledge of the two main cases in Russian language – “Nominative” and “Genitive” that are essential parts of overall Russian grammar. This “Russian Intermediate Course” continues teaching you other 4 cases of Russian language as well improving your vocabulary, reading and listening skills. It provides you with important information of other grammar aspects that are must-know for the sentence building while speaking in Russian language. 

Short description of the course:

  • The course is split in 7 sections for easier usage
  • More than 24 hours on-demand video
  • 92 articles
  • 137 comprehensive video lectures
  • Full lifetime access on mobile and PC
  • 45 video lectures with detailed pronunciation and examples
  • 10 PDF files with grammar summaries
  • 10 PDF files with exercises (over 150 all together)
  • You will find out in this course, what makes Russian culture so special and deep in cultural meaning

With this video course, your short term goals should be:

– start speaking Russian

– prepare yourself for a trip to Russia

– expand your set of useful skills

– become a polyglot

– do business with Russians

Why is this course so great for you? It covers everything you to need to speak Russian:

  • How to introduce yourself
  • Russian ethics & traditions
  • The most used Russian phrases
  • Numbers & Time
  • Days, Months & Seasons
  • Family & Professions
  • Countries, Capitals & Languages
  • Colors
  • Russian Cuisine
  • Hobbies & Sport
  • Russian Cases
  • Transport
  • How to survive at the airport & in the hotel
  • Go from basic to complex conversations

Start learning today and let’s speak in Russian!

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