Personal Pronouns in Russian Language

Russian language is also different from English even in the view of Personal Pronouns. Of course, you are going to spend some time to learn them all.

You probably already know that pronouns are words which can be used in the place of nouns. It means you don’t have to repeat the nouns. For example:

Вова любит играть в футбол. Ему нравиться играть в футбол каждый день. – Vova loves to play football. He likes to play football every day.

So what do we have in those two sentences? In the first sentence, we have the name “VovaВова”, but in the second sentence, we used “HeЕму” as a personal pronoun. Because we’ve already mentioned his name, it’s ok not to say his name again. And we used “HeЕму” because the sentence belongs to Dative case and each of the Russian pronouns decline according to their cases. We choose “HeЕму” – from Dative case form (see the following table – 3rd person masculine, Dative case). It happens quite often in the Russian language when personal pronouns decline according to certain but logical patterns, so you should learn them this way.

Or another example:

Машина красного цвета. Она* очень красивая. – The car of a red color. It is very beautiful.

And again, there is “carмашина” in the first sentence, and “ItОно/Она/Он” in the second sentence as a personal pronoun. Because we’ve already mentioned the noun, it’s better to use personal pronoun.

*Please note that Russian language has genders while English doesn’t. The noun “car – машина” is feminine gender so in the translation we used personal pronoun “She – Она”. But in English, the correct translation is “It”.

Singular Personal Pronouns:

1st person 2nd person 3rd person (masculine) 3rd person (feminine) 3rd person (neutral)
English I, Me You He, Him She, Her It
Nominative Case Я Ты Он Она Оно
Accusative Case Меня Тебя Его Её Его
Genitive Case Меня Тебя Его Её Его
Dative Case Мнe Тебе Ему Ей Ему
Instrumental Case Мной Тобой Им Ей Им
Prepositional Case Мне Тебе Нём Ней Нём

Plural Personal Pronouns:

1st person 2nd person 3rd person
English We, Us You They, Them
Nominative Case Мы Вы Они
Accusative Case Нас Вас Их
Genitive Case Нас Вас Их
Dative Case Нам Вам Им
Instrumental Case Нами Вами Ими
Prepositional Case Нас Вас Них

Russian Grammar


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