24 min of Russian Reading course



The course was created for the people who just started to study Russian language or those who have problems with memorization of Russian letters.

Sometimes people find it difficult to read Russian texts and the reason is because different letters and a lot of consonant letters go together in the words. Nobody will argue with the fact that reading Russian is the most important, interesting, and useful step to understanding the Russian language. Since you know how to read, you can pronounce words in the sentences. And when you want to learn certain rules in Russian grammar, you would be able to read a Russian sentence as an example and see how to apply the rule in speech. If we imagine 100% of the Russian language, then the reading part would be around 5% of it.

Do you think you are ready to spend 24 minutes of your time and get to know these lovely 5% of the Russian language? We think you do! So, watch the course and follow all the instructions that you’ll be provided within the video. And don’t be shy to repeat everything that is going to be said in Russian. Good luck!


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